Roberto Budinich, Chilean, and Claude HIERARD, French, decided to create GREENSEED and on September 1st 1995, they started their activities with 375 ha of seed production, to reach in 2012-2013 5200 ha, which makes evident the fast growth of the company. Most of these productions are commercial hybrid productions, but 600 ha are Basic Seeds in small parcels of 0.5 ha to 2 ha.

GREENSEED produces mainly corn, sunflower, sorghum, and soybean seeds, but we are able to reproduce other kinds of seeds.

These multiplications are sent to different American and/or European (GMO free) markets.

Our company has a professional team with wide professional experience, both national and international. All of our employees have a high level of education and training in Chile and/or abroad in every area, since import or reception of the basic seeds to the export of the production. Training is very important for GREENSEED and a large percentage of our resources is invested every year in this area.

GREENSEED has also since many years ISO 9001-2008 certification (SGS, UKAS), in order to fulfill the standards required by our clients, to improve continuously our processes, and to ensure the true fulfilling of our quality objectives.

In addition, since more than 15 years GREENSSEED has developed a traceability process with the use of bar codes since the reception of the basic seed, the production, harvest, transport, drying, threshing, bagging, until the export of the production. In all these processes, there is nothing written by hand, but in an automatic mode, avoiding thereby any possible error. 


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